Pet Ear Drops
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July 9, 2021
Pet Ear Drops
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July 9, 2021

Pet Ear Drops

Ear Cleaning Drops For Dogs

Dogs’ ear cleansing drops deodorizer and removes odours softly Smelly Ears from dirt, wax, and Accumulated Biofilms Perfect for cleaning your pet’s ears on a regular basis, especially after washes and swims. The medicated ear drops for dogs from Herbal Bio-tech provide the appropriate pH balance for ear cleaning while being safe and mild. 

Medicated Ear Drops For Dogs

When used consistently to keep ears clean and dry, it’s perfect for sensitive skin and won’t irritate them. Ideal for wax removal and drying after water sports, as well as weekly maintenance.

Gentle Way To Clean Your Dog’s Ears

With our ear cleaning drops for dogs, you can improve your dog’s quality of life. Let’s work together to keep your customers’ dogs healthy.Our medicated ear drops for dogs are a gentle way to clean your dog’s ears and aid with ear itching and odour. Give your customers our squirt tip top and container so they can fill their dogs’ ear canals with the ear drop solution and gently massage the base of their ears.

Growing Demand Of Medicated Ear Drops For Dogs

Because of the growing demand for pet products like ear cleaning drops for dogs, we’ve decided to keep our manufacture in China to ensure that dogs and other pets receive the finest quality organic ingredients, packaging, and production. We ensure that consumers receive the finished product as tasty soft chews with a nutritious punch.



<strong>Listing Description</strong>

Extract honeysuckle distillate ;
Add Chinese herbal medicine  Huanglian extract ;
Extract tea tree essential oil;
Natural and non-stimulation ;


<strong>Detailed Description</strong>

This product is a mild and non-irritating ear cleaning, nursing solution, which is
mainly used for cleaning and nursing the ear of pets. It can soften and remove
too many dirt in the ear canal (commonly known as ear shit), ear wax (grease)
, ear canal secretions caused by the ear, and necrotic keratinocytes, which can
play a role in pets such as moisture in the ear, odor of the ear canal.