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Styptic Powder

Quality Styptic Powder For Cats and Dogs Supplier

Chengdu Herbal Bio-Tech Co., Limited (Herbal Bio-Tech) has been in business since 2003. It is a dedicated company that deals in milk powder for pets and supplements for pets. Our styptic powder for cats and dogs is manufactured in our manufacturing facility in Chengdu, China. We use all the resources to reduce the carbon footprint produced during the production of our products.

Professional Styptic Powder for Pets Supplier

Our styptic powder for dogs and cats is a first aid item that will prevent bleeding caused by trimming pets’ claws and accidentally clipping too far back that nicks the blood vessel in the nail. A rush of blood can be the ultimate result.

Unlike human fingernails, cats and dogs have blood vessels, which run down the center of the thick claw.

Our styptic powder for cats has been in use since 2003 by professional pet groomers across China.

Highlights of Our Styptic Powder for Dogs and Cats

Stop bleeding —

This is a perfect medicine for all dog and cat breeds. The styptic powder can help clog bleeding for common procedures such as tail docking, nail clipping, and more.

Veterinarian approved —

Recommended veterinarian formulation made in China.

Effective —

Our and dogs help protect pet with the natural safe, and balanced formula.

What Sets us Apart

Thorough Professionals

We have a company of top professionals who are experts and experienced in manufacturing quality and regulatory-approved styptic powder for dogs. Due to our staff, we enjoy a top position in the industry as a pet supplements supplier.

Availability of inventory

We have a storage facility. Unlike other manufacturers, we can keep a stock of styptic powder boxes. Each of our in-stock boxes can be picked, packed, and delivered to you within the timeframe agreed upon.

As one of the leading styptic powder for dogs manufacturers, we make certain that we never run out of stock.

Get in Touch With Us

Major brands have already chosen us as a styptic powder supplier to highlight their brand’s achievements. You can also use our collectible tins to launch new products. So, purchase our custom tin box packaging to ensure on-time delivery, high quality, and safety.